Skiing is one of the greatest and the most fun of winter sports across the globe. Like every other sports Skiing too has specific terms and jargon that regular skiers use. The following are the most common ski lingos used globally :

  1. Après-ski

The phrase means “after ski” with reference to after ski drinks. Every skiing session is followed by an evening party of sorts where people head straight from the ski slopes to bars in and around the area in their ski gear.

  1. Bluebird

It refers to the dumping of heavy snow overnight that results in a morning with bright blue skies. Regular Skiers’ are thrilled by the blue skies.

  1. Bunny slopes

Bunny Slopes is another term for primary or first-timer ski slopes for beginners.

  1. First Tracks

These are ski tracks marks left behind by the first person to ski in a particular piste or area

  1. Grooming

This is about the grooming of the pistes which is done every evening to ensure they are prim and proper for use next morning. Pistes are groomed to smoothen out bumps and uneven patches

  1. Magic Carpet

A conveyer belt designed for kids that stretches from the bottom of the bunny slope to the top. It makes for a perfect place for kids to stand as they move up the hill

  1. Pizza and chips

It’s a term for teaching techniques for kids and beginners; wherein, Pizza is the snowplow and chips are the parallel skis.

  1. Traverse

Skiing is not always a straight path down the slope. One can ski in zig-zag patterns as well, and this is usually done to cut past a mountain to reach a fresh line of pow-pow.

  1. Back Country

People who are skiing enthusiasts love to take up extreme tasks. Backcountry skiing takes place outside the ski resort area on slopes that are unmarked. Considering this kind of skiing takes place in the more remote areas of the mountain, skies have to a long journey upward.

  1. Eagle

The Eagle is an aerial wherein an individual’s arms, and legs are spread apart. Usually is instinctive when a person is new to the park and takes off on one of their first kickers.

  1. Gondola

The gondola is an enclosed aerial lift that facilitates your journey up the mountain. This aerial lift makes your climb up the mountain easier keeps your energy levels for the actual sport intact.

  1. Packed Powder

The reference here is to the newly laid layer of snow post the grooming process. Grooming leaves behind the perfect surface, that is every skier’s paradise

  1. White Out

Similar to a blackout situation, White Out is a complete disabler of vision due to heavy snowfall. This condition makes it impossible to view anything more than a few yards in any direction.