Private aerial fleets provide a range of critical helicopter lessons to both public and private agencies. While they are certainly more expensive than your average economy airfare ticket, there are situations where a smaller aircraft is the best choice. The reason could be to save lives, protect property, save land or to protect livestock (especially if you’re in a regional community). Whatever it might be, here are several reasons why you might suddenly need rapid assistance in the form of helicopter lessons.

You’re a public servant

State and federal political leaders are required to visit various parts of their electorate and constituency. In many respects, charter flights and private aircraft can be overly expensive and impractical, depending on the region. For example, electorates in some of the most isolated areas of Australia, like New England in New South Wales, have endured some difficult times in recent years, specifically relating to the drought and rising living costs. Indeed, because of these ongoing socio-economic concerns, high-standing public officials have spent more time in these areas, discussing policy actions and solutions. Helicopter lessons are more practical and efficient in navigating these large, diverse regions, enabling public officials to engage with more people in a shorter space of time.

You’re a film director/producer

If you are filming a movie, television program, a documentary or some form of filmed media for some purpose, then helicopter lessons could be beneficial to your process. Over the last few decades, the quality of filmmaking has improved exponentially, mostly thanks to aerial cinematography. Some of the most highly regarded films have successfully incorporated landmark camera techniques, like panning aerial shots and bird’s eye views of vast landscapes. The most well-known examples of this strategy include Peter Jackson’s widely acclaimed “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy (2001-2003), Wolfgang Peterson’s “Troy” (2004) and Steven Spielberg’s successful World War II epic, “Saving Private Ryan” (1998).

You’re in the entertainment/news industry

Helicopter lessons can also help with the aerial cinematography of large-scale sporting events, weather broadcasts and other relevant news broadcasts (like traffic updates). Aerial cinematography can provide some fantastic shots to convey ground-breaking coverage of massive sporting games or other popular events.

You live in a high-risk bushfire community

If you live in a high-risk disaster community, then helicopter lessons could save your life and your assets one day. If you live in rural areas near concentrated bushland and the natural foliage, then the risk of bushfire during the summer season is much higher. Australia has experienced some historically warm summers over the past decade, which has had a demonstrable impact on the natural environment, regional communities and wider Australia.

In 2019/20, Australia experienced some of the worst bushfires it had ever seen. The entire bushfire season cost the federal government over $100 billion, caused close to 34 direct deaths and destroyed close to 10 000 buildings across the whole of the Australian continent. Helicopter lessons can be utilised to drop water to help stifle the spread of the blaze, save valuable property and assist with the emergency evacuation of vulnerable individuals.

You have been affected by flooding in the past

Australia is notorious for its climate, which is often highly turbulent. A conventional summer day consists of high humidity, temperatures in the high 30s from early morning to early afternoon, topped off with a severe thunderstorm in the late afternoon and early evening. Torrential rain has caused widespread flooding across Australia (especially in Queensland), resulting in the loss of life, destruction of property, loss of livestock and other tragedies. In these situations, helicopter lessons can assist with the evacuation of individuals in endangered areas and re-heading of livestock to safer, higher ground.