Climate change no secret, neither are its consequences. With every ton of CO2 that we are added to the climate, our changes of redemption are thinning. In such times, it is imperative upon everyone to do their role in reducing their own carbon footprint. Consumers can go green by choosing to buy eco-friendly products and being mindful of the supply chain of their purchases.

One popular plant has been making its name in eco-friendly circles: Bamboo. In popular culture, the panda with bamboo has made all of us familiar with it. However, unknown to many are the benefits of bamboo products to the Earth.

Why are Bamboo products eco-friendly?

  1. Bamboos can grow in infertile or disease soils, thus they have the ability to replenish areas that were previously thought of as useless. They regenerate the topsoil that has been damaged due to pollution or poor farming practices. The dead bamboo plan when biodegrades, adds nutrients to the soil. Bamboo also removes toxins such as mercury and lead from the soil and traps them inside its stalk, thus making them harmless.
  2. Bamboos are extremely durable and fast-growing. Some bamboos can even grow up to 35 inches per day! This leads to a sustainable harvest that satisfies the instant gratification economy of today.
  3. Bamboos are naturally pest-resistant so that their harvest does not need pesticides for protection. Pesticides are a leading cause of air pollution, and pesticide-infested products seep into our diets and even pollute our water with their harmful chemicals.
  4. Bamboos are highly active in the photosynthesis process: plants emit oxygen and intake carbon dioxide. Bamboo does this four times more effectively than hardwood trees. Thus it makes the air cleaner for us to breathe.
  5. Fully grown bamboos are harvested by being cut at the stalk’s base. Through that base, they regrow. This and the fast pace of their growth make them extremely suitable for creating products, as an alternative to hardwood.
  6. Since bamboo plants can be easily harvested by hand, no heavy machinery damages the earth in the harvest. Moreover, if any animal is atop the stalks, the farmer can work around them without harming them.

Bamboo Products for the Home

Toilet paper made from bamboo

  1. Bamboo toilet paper is a safe and sustainable alternative to traditional toilet paper. You can prevent deforestation and reduce carbon emissions by choosing to switch to bamboo paper.
  2. Bamboo utensils are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Instead of using disposable utensils that are made of ever-lasting plastics, carry your own all-natural bamboo cutlery with you. You can keep it in your bag and wash it after use. If broken, you can bury it and it will go back to the earth.
  3. Did you know that you can buy speakers made of bamboos? They are 100 percent green and use no electricity at all.
  4. Buy clothes made of bamboo. Bamboo is more eco-friendly than cotton. The fabric produced from it is super soft, absorbent, and durable.
  5. Bamboo hardwood floors and ceilings. Instead of cutting down trees to add that beauty hardwood elegance, switch to bamboo. The planks are coated and look just like traditional hardwood. But they are cheaper and more resistant to moisture. Bamboo planks are said to be three times stronger than oak! Hence, you can stomp or dance freely.
  6. Bamboo bottles are eco-friendly replaceable to the plastic bottles that are disposed of every day and end up polluting the earth. Reusable bamboo bottles keep your drink cool, are strong, and light to carry around.
  7. Bamboo reusable straws can replace the planet-choking disposable plastic straws we use daily.

So, switch to bamboo products and do your part in saving the planet.