Have you noticed that your water heating system isn’t functioning properly? You may be wondering if you need to contact an electrician or hot water plumbers in Canberra to repair your hot water system, which is understandable since water heating systems involved both plumbing and electrics. So, which do you call – or should you call both? If you’re in need of a few repairs to your system, this post can help you decide if you need hot water plumbers in Canberra, or if you’re better off calling an electrician for repairs.

Repairing an electric hot water system

First and foremost, you should look at whether it seems like the issue is a plumbing one or an electrical one before you decide if you need to call local hot water plumbers in Canberra or local electricians. It is essential to verify pressure relief valve and your mains circuit breaker are working properly before proceeding with any repairs or other checks. Firstly, ensure that the breaker has not been tripped by checking whether or not you can re-energize it yourself before asking for assistance. Check if you can force water to flow through your pressure relief valve’s overflow pipe by testing it. If there is no water flowing through, it is possible that your water heating tank just needs to be refilled. If difficulties with your thermostat or circuit breaker continue, then you should call a professional.

What issues can electricians help with?

Hot water plumbers Canberra

There are times when hot plumbers in Canberra may not be the first people you should call. A system’s electrical components will be handled by electricians, who will be in charge of all of them. If your breaker won’t stay on, then you should get an electrician involved. Water that won’t heat is also a sign of an issues with the thermostat or switches to control temperature on your system, which would need the services of an electrician to resolve. When it comes to solar heating systems, the booster switches are often the source of temperature problems and may also need an electrician involved.

When are the services of hot water plumbers in Canberra?

If you find your system is leaking or there are indicators of leaking such as mildew or damp spots, you will need to call a plumber to come and address the situation. While leaks are capable of inflicting substantial water damage, they may also limit the volume of water running to your system which will have an effect on the temperature of the water being produced and the pressure of the water being delivered. A faulty pressure valve can also be another typical source is with water pressure, and it must be repaired by professional hot water plumbers in Canberra to be effective. A brownish stream of water from your water heating system indicates that the water tank has deteriorated and you may need a replacement.

If you’re having trouble with colder temperatures coming from your system then it could be that the temperature valve is the source of the problem. Low temperatures in systems that rely on gas may be caused by a malfunctioning gas heating element, which will need the services of a qualified gas fitter to repair.

Electrical and plumbing services performed by professionals

Get in contact with local hot water plumbers in Canberra if you are experiencing issues with your system that appear to be electrical, plumbing or gas related. Most companies will have a broad range of experience to offer when it comes to fixing the issue and can provide advice if you’re not sure what’s wrong.