Yes, by the simple notion of eating at your beloved restaurant in Leichhardt, you could be supporting people in ways you never considered. Let’s not dance around eggshells, it’s been a tough few years for everyone around the world, businesses have shut down, people are looking for work and there seems to be no end in sight for some of the restrictions. None have felt this pinch more than the hospitality industry which has seen an exceedingly heavy cut to their bottom line across the board.

There are many charities and foundations being supportive to many people affected, and for the lucky ones amongst us, there presents an opportunity that benefits both sides of the spectrum, today we will explain why making the simple choice to dine out a little more at your preferred restaurant in Leichhardt, you are also supporting the industry and community in ways beyond a simple meal.

Supporting The Workers

The workers in hospitality have had a rough go of it the last year, between lockdowns, insecure funding from governmental support, and a mess of other new stressors in their minimum wage lives, it’s sunshine on a cloudy day when a busy night at the restaurant in Leichhardt. With business numbers being the primary drive for employment in the industry, having a decent turnover of patrons from the community keeps the workers in employ and with a consistent wage.

When you dine in or take away from a restaurant in Leichhardt, you’re giving the employers an opportunity to keep the employees paid who would otherwise not be eligible for assistance by governmental bodies. With a large section of the industry being students and internationals, the simple act of eating out at a beautiful restaurant in Leichhardt could be keeping a roof over the workers’ heads.

Keeping The Culture Alive

If there is one thing you can say about the inner west, if there’s a restaurant in Leichhardt, chances are it’s an Italian one. There is a rich history of Italian culture and the inner west, dating back to post WWII. By dining and supporting a restaurant in Leichhardt, you are ensuring the culture remains a vibrant and rooted part of the landscape. There are many examples of a fine Italian restaurant in Leichhardt, peppered across Norton Street and beyond, all offering an exquisite and unique taste from the homeland.

The area also has its fair share of notoriety as it pertains to quality and taste, with awards being handed out across the board. So by supporting an Italian restaurant in Leichhardt, you’re not only are you doing your part at keeping the area uniquely Italian, you’re also going to be enjoying a taste experience like no other.

Keeping Your Community Local

A worrying trend that has emerged from the past 12 months, is in the wake of establishments and eateries closing, there have been franchises popping up in their stead. McDonald’s and fast-food take-aways are beginning to lay their foundations across the ashes of locally owned establishments that could not keep up with the changing landscape. By dining at a locally owned restaurant in Leichhardt, you are doing your bit to keeping their doors open, which leads to keeping the area locally-owned in lieu of being franchised out.

Simply put, by ordering from your local Italian restaurant in Leichhardt, you’re keeping the culture alive, the workers employed and the businesses local. A silver lining could not be easier to find in the wake of a hard-trodden year and a challenging one to come.