You do not have to be stranded on your next visit to New South Wales, Australia. You can get accommodation Tathra NSW. And if you’re not sure of what is an accommodation in Tathra NSW is, we’ll tell you. An accommodation in Tathra NSW is always set to attend to people’s urgent needs of where to rest. Much more, it could be a refreshing place for them to enjoy enough peace. If you are visiting NSW, you should check out the small coastal place on the hilly ground to explore the lifestyle over there. 

This article focuses on getting accommodation in Tathra NSW and being able to achieve maximum fun in these places. Let us delve right in. 

Places and adventures for accommodation Tathra NSW

In as much as the goal is to have accommodation, it is only nice to have other lovely adventures alongside getting your accommodation Tathra NSW. The adventures could include places to visit, experiences to explore, and other activities you would do for fun. 

Tathra is not one of the biggest places in New South Wales, with a population that is less than 2,000 people as of 2026. However, it is surrounded by different sightseeing attractions like the Old Tathra Wharf, Bournda National Park, Tathra beach, and Mimosa Rocks National Park.

You can get accommodation in Tathra NSW at the centre point of these fun locations. You would love every bit of your experience in this part of the country. 

The adventures 

  • The Wharf

The Wharf is a newly restored place by the National Trust. Amazingly, it is the only remaining seas wharf that one would find on the East coast. It has great historical tales, and it has a museum in it. Well, the museum is in an old cargo shed. If you love fishing, there are always some sets of fishermen under this shed. 

  • The Beach 

Most people target the hot period of the year to visit the beach. Well, it is an exciting place as you can enjoy board riding, surfing, and sailboarding. You can also paddle a boat on the gloomy water-body. Some people that love to fish always target their salmons or prawn – this is more common between November and May. Also, people that love swimming can feel safe with their children here. 

  • The Mimosa Rocks National park 

This famous park has exciting scenes that will warm your heart. Its crashing waves have become sea caves and are surrounded by towering rock stacks. 

  • The Bournda National Park 

The Bournda National Park is towards the Southern part of Tathra. It has isolated and stunning beaches, jagged cliffs, and vast lakes. 

If you are a good photographer that loves great sights, you will love every part of your trip. Either it is to the national parks, the Kianinny Bay, Old Sea wharf, Tathra Forest Wildlife Reserve, or Lake Wallagoot.  


Getting accommodation in Tathra NSW ranges between AU$97 to AU$105. However, you may have to pay extra for additional services.