For centuries, bongs have been used to provide the best smoking experience in the community. Despite having been used for many years, it is just recently that they became quite popular, especially among the youth in the smoking community. This is attributed to the improvements made on the bongs to ensure excellent performance as well as keep up with the new technology.

A bong is a type of water pipe that generally filters the harmful contents in herbal substances such as tobacco and cannabis. For that reason, a bong is the best and healthiest way to smoke dry herbs.

Bong History

Bongs have come a long way. Different parts of the world have seen the bong take several shapes and forms. Bong is a word that is said to derive from “baung”. Baung is a Thai word for describing a tubular bamboo pipe that aided in smoking herbs like Kancha, Hashish, tree, and other hemp products.

Bongs Today

As mentioned, bongs have seen plenty of improvements since their discovery. The ones from the past look nothing like those we see on the market today. Most of them come in form of large devices that feature a glass pipe, smoke chambers, and bigger bowls to enable an even smoother smoking experience. Although they seem rather bulky and tedious to assemble, they are perfect for healthily delivering excellent experiences.

There are, however, various forms of bongs that enable different smoking styles. These include standard, ice, recyclers, and percolators. With a standard bong, you use water to filter out smoke. An ice bong works by cooling the smoke that passes through for smoother hits. Recyclers have two chambers for cooling the smoke that goes through them. Lastly, percolators are those that go overboard with the cooling and filtration to enable an excellent experience.

Why use a bong?

Bongs best results

As mentioned above, smoking through a bong is the healthiest choice any smoker can benefit from. Besides, it provides an excellent smoking experience you will not get anywhere else.

While smoking dry herbs directly, the smoke tends to irritate the throat and enters directly into the lungs. With time, the smoke build-up can have drastic health effects. Using a bong, however, ensures the smoke is cooled as it passes in the water before getting to you. This, in turn, delivers smoother hits with every puff.

Smoke generates carcinogens that are ingested during direct smoking. When using a bong, however, the heavy and harmful substances are filtered out in the water to ensure a cleaner and safer smoking experience.

If you are looking to get bigger hits then going for a bong is the best way to achieve this. This is because the container fills up with more smoke which you’ll inhale in a single hit. Doing this ensures massive hits that hit the spot fast.

Surprisingly, bongs are easy to use. Just a few hits get you to becoming a pro. This means that with just a little practice, you can easily become a bong master.

Guide to using a bong

We’ve mentioned that bongs are easy to use. If you are new to these devices, here are the simple steps that will help you use the bong as it should.

Fill up the bong with water depending on the size and type of the device.

Secondly, grind the dry herbs with either your fingers or a grinder so that they are fine enough not to clog the bowl.

Then, take the herbs and place them into the bowl firmly but also leave space for airflow.

Lastly, seal the mouthpiece with your mouth and light the bowl to take in as much smoke as you want and then stop once you get your fill.


Bongs are just perfect for ensuring healthy smoking in the world today. Not only are they fun to use, but they are also quite easy for newbies and experts alike.