Trying to make new friends in Sydney can be difficult, especially if you are an adult and you do not have the luxury of having to regularly attend social events and meetings such as a younger person who has to go to school and be surrounded by people constantly. It can often be uncomfortable to meet new people in general, or establish enough of a relationship to be able to hang out and get to know them better. The rise of the age of the Internet has brought forth many new ways to make new friends in Sydney, through the use of applications, social media and meetup groups for specific hobbies or similar interests. This has made it much easier to meet new people, and there are some different ways out there to do so. It is important to note that many of these ways does require some deal of confidence, as meeting someone new for the first time can often be daunting, and you will need to have some form of social skills to establish a relationship and hold a conversation.

Here are some ways to make new friends in Sydney.


Find meetups for your interests

There are many websites out there which are dedicated to finding meetup groups for your interests, which is a great way to make new friends in Sydney.

By finding a group of people who all share the same interests as you, you will have a core topic in which you can bond over and make conversations go much smoother. If you share the same interests, you are likely to get along with them as people too, and can make new friends in Sydney as a result.

Websites which offer these are plentiful, and many are very popular and are used daily by thousands of people across the city. Finding a group that shares your interests should not be difficult, and you should be able to meet new people there, and possibly make new friends in Sydney.


Going out to bars and clubs

Going out to bars and clubs is a good way to make new friends in Sydney.

This is because these areas are specifically for socializing, and many people frequent these places on Fridays and Saturdays. By joining in a conversation with some people, you are sure to get along with a few people there.

This can often lead to more long-lasting relationships and thereby you can make new friends in Sydney, as you decide to go drinking with them again, and possibly add them on social media and have conversations there. Moreover, this can go smoother as everyone is under the influence of alcohol, which always makes conversations flow easier and better, all the while being more entertaining.


Use dating apps

Using dating apps is a good way to make new friends in Sydney, as you are meeting new people who share interests in you. They can also have friends that you can hang out with as well as with your date, and this can form more lasting relationships. You should be careful to ensure that they are not just looking for one night, and that way you can build lasting friendships, and maybe even more.


In summary, it can be sometimes difficult to make new friends in Sydney, however with the use of the Internet, you can find meetup groups who share your interests, go out to bars and clubs to have conversations with strangers and even use dating apps to find friendships. There are many ways to make new friends in Sydney.