When it comes to the staggering influenza virus, this can cost a lot more than productivity loss with companies across Australia losing over $2 billion in revenue. The influenza virus can take more than a week to recover from, leading to many employees calling in sick days which on average over 1.5 million workdays are gone as a result. Unlike the typical cold, this infection can easily move from one person to another, quickly spreading across the department. It’s for these reasons and more, corporate flu shots are more important than ever. For those who still don’t believe in its significance, we’re going to prove to you why corporate flu shots are necessary to any thriving business.

What Are Corporate Flu Shots?

Corporate flu shots are an immunisation program designed to provide easy and effective medical care assistance to all employees. Immunisation specialised nurses visit the workplace to provide vaccinations right in the comfort of your office. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, for employees working at home corporate flu shots offer vouchers to allow you to take it to your local chemist or pharmacy to get the vaccine done close by and in between office hours. In just a few short minutes, you can receive medical attention providing employee morale, and improve job performance. As a result, this prevents further sick days between staff ensuring that the team as a whole is happy and healthy while at work. Corporate flu shots are the perfect initiative to ensure that each and every employee is receiving adequate medical care throughout the year.

What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Flu Shots?

Corporate flu shots

There are various studies that showcase that workers who receive corporate flu shots have fewer doctor appointments and sick absences throughout the year in comparison to those who are unvaccinated. When it comes to this procedure, they are the best way to ensure that employees remain healthy and capable of performing their job. This is important for maintaining and/or improving productivity levels ensuring that everyone stays on top of their workload. They can be able to handle the day-to-day without a cough or sneeze to blow them out of their tasks at hand.

As a result, this keeps return on investment steady making sure there is no revenue loss from the decrease of sick days from employees. This also further improves employee morale, keeping workers satisfied with their job knowing that their health is being taken care of. Because of this, this further improves productivity levels from higher satisfaction with their workplace. In addition to job satisfaction, corporate flu shots offer herd immunity which protects all employees at the office from getting sick preventing spread from causing absences and productivity loss.

In turn, corporate flu shots encourage health care practices for employees making sure they put their health first among their work. That way they can give themselves a few minutes to look after themselves rather than spending weeks in the year having to recover from influenza.


Corporate flu shots are important for the productivity and job performance of your company. To keep workers satisfied and active in their work they need to be fit for the job at hand. By providing immunisation services they can right away receive care at their desk without having to take hours out of their day. They can also take a few minutes to prioritise their health in order to do better while on the job. Having yearly vaccinations for your employees can cut sick leaves and productivity loss in half, keeping your business up to speed and afloat.