Industries that are taking a closer look at PPE in hospitality will see that the push for staff safety is paramount. While COVID-19 has been a major contributor to this increase in investment, there are many drivers for the use of safety equipment across a range of workplace environments. 

Protecting Individual Health & Safety 

From the spread of disease to the exposure to toxic chemicals, burning, injury and other dangers that exist around the premises, PPE in hospitality is essential because it protects health and safety on an individual level. Depending on their unique duties that are designated with their official role, staff will be placed in positions where they have to engage kitchens, food, liquids, bathrooms and even construction sites in some cases. If they have this level of equipment on hand, they will reduce instances of harm. 

Customising the PPE on Site 

The good news for organisations who embrace PPE in hospitality is that they have the chance to introduce the kind of equipment that suits their industry and their commercial circumstances. From N95 face masks to reduce infection to face shields, goggles, shoe covers, medical caps, disposable gloves, sanitiser, alcoholic sprays, leg covers, high-visibility vests, hearing protection and gowns, there will be a wide array of brands that are accessible in this domain. Depending on the requirements for staff on the ground and the conditions at the time, outlets can acquire anything that suits. 

Legal Protection 

Hospitality locations that are looking into the use of PPE will have any number of motivations for introducing the equipment, but the impending threat of legal action can be a major push behind their introduction. If insurance providers and independent assessors examine that a business did not do their due diligence and left their workers vulnerable, that will leave them liable with hefty penalties to follow. For those organisations that want peace of mind and legal safeguards in place, they need to adhere to correct workplace protocol. 

Affordable & Accessible 

Among all of the advantages that are in play for PPE in hospitality, it will be the pricing and access that makes the project worthwhile. By surveying the domestic market and assessing what is on offer, it is possible to gauge the expected price level and decide on an appropriate budget for the exercise. So long as outlets don’t leave the search until the last minute, there should be sufficient levels of stock to hand as well. 

Combating COVID-19 

It is impossible to discuss the subject of PPE in hospitality after 2020 without COVID-19 as a major consideration. With variants of the virus remaining a public threat, it is imperative that businesses of all shapes and sizes do their part to reduce community spread, even when vaccination rates have been high. If they are able to make the required investments on this front with the aid of N95 masks, sanitiser and face shields for particular work, then they know they are doing their part. 

Demonstrates Corporate Care & Best Practice 

From food and beverage centres to tourism, accommodation, entertainment, recreation, travel, events and beyond, there are many brands that might overlook their need to engage PPE in hospitality at ground level. Yet these same businesses will preach to community members and stakeholders about corporate responsibility. To combine action with the rhetoric and for the sake of best business practice, it is imperative that this type of equipment is introduced. 

Industry bodies that embrace PPE in hospitality recognise that it has very tangible benefits. Workers should never be made to feel vulnerable at their workplace under any circumstance. By investing in this equipment, the organisation is looking after their most valuable asset.