The flu season is a major headache for local businesses who have to deal with sick employees, regular absentees and a workplace atmosphere that is tired and worn down.

The good news is that these same businesses are able to take proactive action via the best corporate flu vaccinations, specific programs that are designed to fight the influenza strain before it hits.

Managers will have many factors to consider, from price and imposition to sourcing a time in the schedule and getting everyone on board.

While they are considerations, none of them should be an imperative to going forward with the injections.

Here we will examine why the choice is simple in these circumstances.


Getting Ahead of The Flu

Extensive studies have been carried out to determine how impactful the annual flu season is on the private and public sector. For Australian enterprises, a total of $2 billion is lost on aggregate for employees that are away and for contingencies that are utilised when the strain hits. The choice becomes simple then for individual brands to use corporate flu vaccinations as the programs allow the business to get ahead of the flu. The best windows domestically for the immunisation are considered around the April-May season just prior to the onset of winter.


No Drop In Productivity


When workers are sneezing, coughing and feeling overly fatigued, the productivity rates drop tangibly for domestic organisations. Approximately one in four professionals will be impacted without any medical aid, providing a headache for the company and for the individual – literally. This is where corporate flu vaccinations come into play, ensuring that employees remain at optimal health without the fear of the onset of the influenza strain impacting upon their career and their life generally. Cases of oversight and accidents are likely to rise when these assets arrive on site only to be impacted by the flu, increasing the chances of a spread that will affect other departments as well.


Use of Expert Nurses

When businesses leave individual employees to look after their own immunisation, they have no idea who they are leaving their workers with and what care they are receiving. By engaging specialists who engage in programs for corporate flu vaccinations, they will be utilising expert nurses who have the background and experience to oversee the project for all participants. They understand best practice for operating the program in a commercial setting, providing a safe environment that is free of disease and promoting a healthy workplace culture.


Eliminating an Extra Employee Hassle

In the absence of corporate flu vaccinations, individual employees have to organise their own immunisation from a doctor or nurse. This can force participants to take time off work or to find an after hours provider that might not enjoy the same level of expertise as a corporate practitioner. Such a scenario will require their own payment without any assurances about the wait time and monitoring of their personal condition after the vaccine has been administered. Accumulating all of these factors together makes for an exhausting exercise and a hassle they could well do without.


Easy Access & Booking Procedures

The benefit of engaging specialist medical providers who offer corporate flu vaccinations is that the freedom of access and booking is straightforward. Individual outlets cater to hundreds of locations over the span of a given flu season and clients are able to book for weeks or months in advance. This feature removes much of the logistical concern that businesses have, fearing for cancellation fees or imposing their presence on a workplace environment.


On a small individual level, corporate flu vaccinations cover participants and immunise them against the threat of being infected. This will improve their productivity and avoid a costly absence for workers that are required day to day. From a wider scale perspective, the implementation of these programs help to promote a safe and healthy workplace culture, illustrating to all parties that the business takes care of their most valuable assets. That is why the decision is simple.