Consumers who visit New Zealand, have a connection to the country, or just happen to be fascinated by their art and culture will commonly come across a koru necklace.

These beautiful designs are often showcased with dark green tones that glisten in the sunshine and sit proudly on the necks of customers.

There are many types of fashion accessories that will add value for people as they embark on their global travels, but this is an item that brings a lot more to the table than just the obvious features.

We will examine why these goods have become hot property for men and women all around the world, enjoying an ancient piece of New Zealand at all times and throughout all places.

Maori Cultural Significance

The koru necklace is a product that would take inspiration from the native New Zealand plant the fern. Derived from ancient Maori culture, this is a symbol for regeneration, new life, new beginnings, growth and strength. The Maori term for koru translates to ‘loop.’ As the fern begins to unfurl and grow out from its original point, it still maintains a connection to its roots. There are many consumers from international markets who are unaware about these deeper meanings and connotations, but they do offer an insight into this fascinating cultural dynamic that makes the koru so important for native Kiwis.

Aesthetic Beauty

There is a tangible and intangible quality that is on display with the koru necklace when considering the aesthetic beauty of these designs. The teal colour shades are most prominent for consumers as they scour shops and websites for their own investment opportunities. Yet, there are off-white bone pendants, black designs and decoratively stained creations that offer a point of difference for participants. They work for indoor and outdoor occasions and will complement almost any form of attire for men and women who want to purchase their very own set.

Unique Style Interpretations

Yes, there are many overlapping themes and styles that are consistent from one koru necklace to the next, but there is a wide variety of interpretations that have been designed through the generations. This is a market that will showcase the paua double koru pendant, the single twist, a large tripe koru heru, the twist with a tail, the black bone, the etched bone, the closed pendant and the bone twist among other creations. Depending on the aesthetics, the texture and its ability to fit in with the rest of the wardrobe, customers are spoiled for choice.

Versatile Prices

There is no corner of the market that will be priced out of a koru necklace. From the affordable $15-$20 designs that are modest in size to the exquisite $150-$200+ brands that offer another layer of authenticity and quality, the versatile price scheme demonstrates how accessible these goods can be. Of course, there are other financial considerations at play for those who are sourcing the items from overseas, allowing them to avoid hiked prices when shipping is included in the overall package.

Online & Offline Suppliers

Fortunately, consumers can be anywhere in the world to find their very own koru necklace. In 2020 there are more outlets emerging from online bases, giving participants the chance to invest in their own koru sets through websites, eBay accounts and social media domains where they are prominently displayed and open for sale. For those that want the genuine article, they will be prevalent across businesses in the North and South Islands of New Zealand.


The increase in sales volumes and exposure for the koru necklace is an interesting development, but it has always carried a deeper meaning for those native to the country. Run a search to find available sellers to see what they have on hand.