Whether you regularly travel overseas, are a busy student living out of home, or have lots of knick-knacks you can’t bear to throw away, Wyong storage is a great option.


Great for students

Wyong storage is perfect for students who live in small rooms or dorms. Small rooms do not have many cupboards or much living space either. Over the duration of their studies, students can easily begin to collect a lot of items. Not all of your personal belongings need to be stored in your room, and you don’t need to be ready to part with them either.

Safely securing items elsewhere will allow for belongings to be used as needed and will maximise small living environments. Old study materials and textbooks can be stowed away until you next need to refer to them. Inversely, this can also facilitate the need to downsize.

Wyong storage makes it much easier if you ever move, as moving items back and forth can be a pain – especially if you relocate far away. With students, university breaks only extend for a period of the year, and then you’re back at it lugging gear back to your dorm. The travel between home and school is much easier when most of your gear already close to campus.


Great for regular travellers


For those who love travelling and bounce around between various shared housing, keeping your less used items safely secured offsite makes moving easy and stress free.

In other situations, many career focused individuals regularly work overseas. Sometimes for long extended periods. In these scenarios, leasing your home when it’s not used is a great option to increase your cash flow. Simply keep your important goods, furniture and other important possessions in a Wyong storage unit and you’re good to go! And we have already seen Airbnb become an attractive business model to make some extra cash.


Great for families

Large families easily hoard clutter and cleaning the house can easily become daunting when you have young children. Couples transitioning to new family life also update their living items to accommodate kids. Surf boards and other young trend items are usually sold but prized possessions can still be safely kept without cluttering the house. Important belongings from memorable childhood events or gatherings can also stashed.


Great for businesses

The benefits of Wyong storage extend beyond individuals and families to also include businesses. Heavy costs are associated with relocating. Keeping infrequently used items in a separate off-site location will not only easy the transition when relocating but ensure office space is maximised. Paperwork, filing cabinets, and any infrequently referenced documents easily pile up. Hiring a space to store items will be very cost effective but will also be much cheaper than renting larger office space.


Easy access

Wyong storage units can be accessed all year round. This means that many season items such as summer or winter clothing can be stored to reduce when not in use clutter. And for students, you certainly won’t need your textbooks and study materials when university isn’t on. This principle is the same for any businesses with seasonal stock or as a tool keep additional inventory.


Secure environment

Professional Wyong storage yards also offer quality service. Facilities are fitting with advanced security systems like alarms, security gates and surveillance cameras to deter and prevent intruders from stealing valuable items.

Storing items in the correct environment is also crucial as cold, damp climates can damage antiques and other expensive items. Internal climate-controlled systems are installed in many lockers.


Budget friendly

Wyong storage units offer a variety of different sized spaces depending on your need. Which means you can choose a space that is affordable to your budget.