Unlike other industries and niches that try to garner traction on social media platforms, Instagram designer swimsuits remain one of the most viable and popular in existence.

These outlets would experience a boom in engagements and sales around 2010, only to see that trend expand in size and scope into 2020.

We will discuss 5 key reasons why these brands are increasing their reach and why they are so appealing for shoppers all around the world.


1: The Visual Appeal

Consumers are gravitating to designer swimsuits for a number of reasons, but the visual appeal element is impossible to ignore or underestimate. Firstly, the Instagram platform itself is uniquely designed to attract a following from people of all ages and backgrounds. People inherently have a higher responsive rate to pictures than they do for text or audio, creating an environment that offers more cut-through for users on the site. Then there is the sex appeal of the models and the enticing nature of the landscape and natural backgrounds that compliments the entire scene. Combining these assets together makes for a successful endeavour on the part of businesses who are looking to sell their stock.


2: The Instagram Algorithm

Although algorithms on social media and search engines are intricate and evolving apparatuses that are hard to gauge at any one time, there is method to how Instagram designer swimsuits brands reach out to so many constituents. Users who engage with content by hitting the ‘like,’ ‘share’ or ‘follow’ button or decide to make comments on feeds will find that similar accounts and advertisements are sent in their direction. The site will consider the individual an interested customer, ensuring that anyone interested in swimwear brands who engages with that content will have their feed tailored to that very interest.


3: Responding to Feedback & Interactions

Unlike other forms of marketing from businesses, Instagram designer swimsuits are able to receive feedback from their consumer base and following in real time. Comments are left that will inform an outlet about their reaction to a post, whether or not they have stock of the product, enquiries about price and whether or not there are any other items that will be listed on their site. The best practitioners in this field respond quickly to these enquiries, either through the comment feed or via a direct message.


4: Advertisement Avenue

While many online users will consciously follow Instagram designer swimsuits, these outlets will also become visible on user’s feeds through paid advertisements. This maneuver increases their reach to new corners of the market, providing discounts, sales and other customer enticements that are not always prevalent on a common business day.


5: Shopper Convenience

So long as the consumer understands their size, they can shop for designer swimsuits entirely at their own leisure without time or geographical restrictions. This potential opens up new markets for women who would otherwise be boxed into one or two outlets who don’t always tick the right boxes when it comes to fashion choice. The top providers in this niche provide a buy now button option on their images as well as easy to use links that are connected to their profile. Without having to jump through common consumer hoops, users can identify which swimwear item they are looking at and immediately jump to a page that allows them to order the product.


Shoppers who follow and take note of Instagram designer swimsuits have an entire industry at their very fingertips. While Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat try and corner their share of the market, this photographic social media platform remains a fertile environment for checking new brands, identifying them with particular models and ranking outlets on their ability to publish content and market their credentials.