Each and every homeware house provider will be ranked and reviewed online by their customers.

While this places pressure and expectation on the business, it is insightful information that can inform the shopping habits of homeowners.

From dense metropolitan communities to smaller suburban and rural centres spanning the country, consumers will head to Google and Facebook to publish their opinions on their unique experience.

We will focus on the criteria that inform those very opinions.


Quality of Products

Community shoppers who head to their nearby homeware house want to know that they can buy reputable first-class items. This is an industry where competition is hot and suppliers can source stocks at a poor quality to drive down the prices for consumers. Yet these materials will often buckle and brake after a few applications, so it is essential that these goods are either handcrafted by expert designers or manufactured with the highest production level available. Individuals will be happy to logon online and publish their feedback on this count.


Range of Items in Stock

Customers want two key elements when they shop at their local homeware house – a wide range of products and goods that are actually in stock at the store. This will include beautiful designer cushions, coffee machines, slow cookers, pots, pans, plates, tongs, kettles, glassware, bedding, pillows, stools, decorations and anything else that can be used inside a domestic setting. It is not enough just to have these materials brandished on a website or a brochure, but they have to be ready to purchase in real time. Local consumers will reflect those demands through their online ratings.


Affordable Prices

designer cushion

There is a fine line between cheap, affordable and expensive for shoppers who venture out to their local homeware house. From a new countertop to a vibrant lighting scheme for the living room, consumers will weigh up the value of the item against the price tag at every stage. Too dear and these brands become inaccessible to middle-income residents, while the very cheap suppliers will often lead to low quality investments that have to be replaced in a short space of time. This is where homeware businesses have to set their prices accordingly, allowing them to be reviewed online fairly by their customer base.


The Online User Experience

One of the key criteria that can be overlooked by a homeware house supplier is the quality of the online user experience. With more online traffic being conducted through mobile phone devices, there are outlets who can underestimate how significant it is to offer their items and provide a digital shopping experience through a smartphone. If the site is easy to navigate and purchases can be made on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, that will reflect well with their 5-star rating system.


Expert Customer Service

If customers who engage with a homeware house feel as though their enquiries are met, they will be happy to offer a positive rating for the business. These outlets in 2020 can offer assistance in person at the store, via a phone call, an email, a website message or even a direct message over a social media account. If the homeware house has enough staff to address these enquiries, that will help their online cause as they compete for community interest.


Fair Warranties & Returns Policy

white and green designer cushions

Not every purchase will work out with these outlets and shoppers know that ahead of time. What they will expect in these situations is accessing a warranty that covers their financial liability and a coherent returns policy that allows them to have a repair or replacement service guaranteed. This will test their reverse logistics operation, but it will reflect well on the company if they cater to these interests.