If you are updating your place and giving it a new look, then you are probably already aware of all the different changes you are able to make to your space! When looking to update your space, the good news is that you only need a couple of new items to make space really come alive. One of the new items that you should consider looking into is a new rug. There are so many different varieties of rugs; you are sure to find the perfect one that will suit your space.

There is a lot to consider before finalizing your rug choice; you have the obvious aspects like the size, style, and color of the rug. But you also need to consider a few other aspects as well, as the comfort and care of the rug. You need to think about if the rug gets dirty, how are you able to properly clean it, as well as how it feels under your feet.

So, if you want to create something new and exciting for your space, then have a read on below at some unique rug ideas to make your space pop:


Coordinate Your Space

If you like every room in your space to match with each other, then you should certainly consider getting similar rugs for each space. This can really do wonders at tying your home together. Now, the rugs don’t actually have to be identical, but there could be something similar about them, like the color or pattern, which ensures all the rooms have consistency.


Experiment With Different Material

There are a lot of different materials that rugs are made from, so if you are looking for something truly unique, make sure you venture out from what’s normal. Sheepskin rugs are becoming increasingly popular these days, for example, because they offer something a little bit different and can really work to make your space even better.


Bring Some Bling

One of the greatest and most popular trends at the moment is adding some gold tones to your space, so why not add some of that gold within your rug. If you are styling your space with gold accessories and whatnot, then this is another awesome way to tie everything together. If done properly, gold can really add some warmth to your space and can offer something different that you weren’t necessarily thinking of for your space.


Pastels Are Good For Coastal Theme

dog lying in a sheepskin rug

The type of theme you are going for in your space will probably have a large influence on the type of rug you decide on. One fairly popular theme that has been around for a pretty long time is the coastal theme. If you have decided to move forward with this theme, then a pastel-colored rug is probably the way to go. Obviously, you are going to have some blue in your costal theme, but if it is too rich of a blue it can overpower the space, which is why people like pastel.


Bold Colours

Sometimes people want to update their space but they aren’t able to do anything too major, like painting the walls a new color, because they are living in a rental. If this is the case in your situation, then it could be a good idea to make a bolder statement with your rug and choose a bold color, or a really unique pattern. This will hopefully give you the new look and feel like you have made some major chances to your space, without having to change the structure.