Teak is a term used to describe quality outdoor furniture, decks, and prestigious yachts. The reason for the high demand is explained in the properties it possesses. For starters, teak is extremely durable, resistant to rot, pest, and water, has minimal shrinkage, does not corrode with steel, and last but not least, features an attractive look.

That said, if you are looking to buy teak furniture, then you should know that they don’t come cheap and with good reason; the wood is valued for its durability and elegance. Apart from being the most beautiful wood in the forest, teak wood also possesses natural qualities that are hardly found in other types. Read on to find out why teak wood is so expensive.

A Little History on Teak

Teak comes from a tree with Tectona grandis as its botanical name and is indigenous to the tropics. The tree has a long history of reputation that dates back to the 7th century where it was used to outfit and decorate the dwellings of wealthy and powerful members of society. This wood’s reputation gradually grew outside the region during the time the Dutch colonized Indonesia. It was used to build ships as it has an excellent ability to ward off rot.

Today, teak is mainly found in Malaysia, Thailand, and Burma but is held in high regard in Indonesia. Since colonization, the country has put a corporation in place to manage its most valuable natural resources, teak being one of them. PT Perhutani, an Indonesian company, manages all teak plantations on Java Island. By governing the plantations, it means that a certain number of trees can be cut down every year and each of them supplanted with a new one on the plantation.

Reasons for the High Cost of Teak Furniture

Garden setting with teak furniture

Period of Maturity

The best wood for teak furniture is obtained from 80-year-old trees. This seems like an eternity to wait. However, this period ensures that the wood is mature and possesses all the good qualities that come with teak. That is why the furniture is so expensive.

Natural Oils and Rubber

All trees contain oils that protect them, such as tea tree oil or maple sap. These oils diminish when the tree is felled. On the other hand, Teak wood retains its oils and rubber for long periods after being felled and treated. Retaining these oils play a huge role in improving the weather-resistance properties. The wood is weatherproofed by oils and rubber after drying to the required moisture level.

Additionally, the oil prevents dry rot, which mainly affects older furniture. It does this by protecting the wood from fungi and parasite invasion that are the main culprits for destroying woods. That is why other woods often require weatherproof treatments to be on the same level as teak.

With the qualities mentioned above, teak makes an ideal material for making outdoor furniture. Unlike other types of wood, teak furniture will age beautifully from honey brown to a silvery grey appearance.

Zero Maintenance Cost

While the properties of teak furniture make them expensive, you will be saving on annual expenditure on weatherproofing outdoor furniture. What’s more, its extremely durable quality ensures you use this type of furniture for generations to come. Some reports indicate that teak objects that date back 2000 years have been found undamaged in Western Indian caves. Who wouldn’t want to go for outdoor furniture that proves to stand the test of time?

If you are looking to better your home with decorative furniture, we recommend teak furniture. However, the price set on this furniture can throw you off. The good thing is that teak wood possesses plenty of useful properties that help you enjoy your furniture for longer without worrying about maintenance costs. Teak wood is also extremely rare and rare things are often overpriced.