Do consumers find the best night gowns right away, or is there method to their selection?

While some buyers have an easier time than others, there are common characteristics that indicate if the item will offer value for money.

Here are 6 ways that shoppers can identify the right night gowns for them.

1) Establishing The Size/Fit Requirement

Shoppers will only be able to enjoy a quality fit with their selection of night gowns if they happen to be pieces that are fitted for their body size and shape. What creates challenges for women in this context will be the discrepancies between US and Australian measurements for buyers online. From the chest to the waist, the knee to the wrist and the shoulder to hem, these guides will be important to customising the gown and ensuring that it is a comfortable fit without areas that are not constricting or too loose in some features.

2) Sorting Via Fabric Preference

The good news for shoppers who are eager to identify the right set of night gowns for them is that they have a host of unique fabric options.

This will include, but not limited to:

  • Satin
  • Cotton
  • Rayon
  • Chiffon
  • Velvet
  • Polyester
  • Crepe
  • Modal
  • Georgette
  • Neoprene
  • Silk/Organza
  • Bamboo

Needless to say that the textures each have their own properties and key selling points. If there is no real point of reference for the customer, it is important that they get a touch and feel for these brands in-person to know what they are dealing with and what they will love to have as part of their wardrobe dynamic.

3) Considering Seasonal Demands

Shoppers who want the best evening gown to complement their wardrobe attire have to factor in the season and what they need for coverage over spring, summer, autumn and winter. These are gorgeous collections that really look the part, but if they are bare and breathe in the room, that won’t suffice for the chilly winter evenings. The same principle applies with heavy cotton fabrics while the temperatures soar over summer. Be strategic and have versatility with these collections according to the season.

4) Colours, Patterns & Aesthetics

Thankfully there is a complete range of style versatility with night gowns depending on the designer and the supplier brand. Various patterns, colours, themes and aesthetics are on display and this gives shoppers plenty of options to utilise. This is an area that can be considered in relation to the seasonal demands. Some women like to find consistency with cool tones and colours for colder climates, while others will seek a contrast such as cool colours for warmer weather. It is an entirely subjective domain, but one that requires some introspection to know what works best for the wardrobe dynamic.

5) Brand Ratings & Reputation

How well has the seller performed in the past with their line of night gowns? Do other women support the business and do they see value in the product for their own use? Finding answers to these questions is a much easier exercise than it used to be thanks to platforms like social media, shared economy apps and search engines. See where the most stock is sold and who continues to deliver quality new additions that add value.

6) Gown Cost & Stock Availability

The cost and availability of night gowns will really be the only other practical consideration that comes into play for shoppers to pinpoint the right fit. This is something that has to be examined from store to store, whether it is through an in-person visit or a scan online for their next collection. There are direct parallels between item cost and authenticity of the fabric, so it is important to see how the budget aligns with the desire to acquire these tasteful assortments.