On the lookout for a wedding band for your future missus but not sure where to start? One of the best ways to shop for engagement rings in Brisbane is by looking at its setting including solitaire, halo, side stones, pave stones, trilogy, or vintage. Each of these styles varies tailoring to every woman who adorns the marriage token. Here is an in-depth look at these settings to give you peace of mind before you pop the big question.

Here is a guide to the best wedding band styles on offer

1)    Solitaire

Solitaire rings are a classic style of engagement rings in Brisbane that is the go-to for every woman in love. This style includes a solo diamond wrapped around a simple wedding band. The Kaiya Diamond in our solitaire collection is perfect for a woman who is traditional and sophisticated. The diamond is arranged as the centerpiece for the band showing the less is always more. You can put the ‘so lit’ in solitaire with these engagement rings in Brisbane.

Woman wearing her engagement ring made in Brisbane2)    Halo

This is a look that will make your partner look like an angel from Heaven. The halo setting is a set of tiny accent stones encompassed around a bigger gemstone in the centre. These engagement rings in Brisbane have been popularized by Princess Kate Middleton’s band, making every woman feel like a princess themselves. Have a gander at our Milena Diamond from our halo wedding bands selection which is sure to give your partner the royal treatment. The halo setting makes the centerpiece of the ring pop looking dramatically massive. This style of wedding bands will have anyone in the vicinity of it go, “oh, halo!”

3)    Side Stones / Pave

Side stone or Pave settings includes stones across the entire wedding band with the one centrepiece diamond added to it. The Venus Diamond from our collection of side stone engagement rings in Brisbane is just to die for. With these engagement rings in Brisbane, your lady will outshine everyone in sight. Step aside – these styles of wedding bands will definitely knock the socks off your partner.

4)    Trilogy

Trilogy settings are the one centerpiece diamond alongside neighbouring stones on the left and right side. Have a peruse at our Anya Diamond from our collection of trilogy engagement rings in Brisbane for your fancy. These wedding bands are for a woman who is romantic and sentimental to the core. It is said that the three stones represent the past, present, and future for the couple. These engagement rings in Brisbane can also signify the three pillars of an ideal relationship – love, fidelity, and friendship.  You know what they say – three is the magic number.

5)    Vintage

Man holding an engagement ring made in Brisbane before proposing
Want a look that tells your woman she is timeless and unforgettable? This style of engagement rings in Brisbane can include pearls, bows, milgrain, hearts, ribbons, and other motifs to decorate the wedding band. The Cetus Diamond from our selection of vintage wedding bands is perfect for your partner. These classic wedding bands have designs that will have your woman jumping for joy at its beauty. These engagement rings in Brisbane are for a girl who appreciates history and does not follow the trends. There is a massive variety of options to choose from in our selection of engagement rings in Brisbane. These styles are all catered to different kinds of women in which you can find a goldmine perfect for your partner. Propose the right way with a wedding band that will make your woman will fall head in heels in love with you all over again.