Gas and hot water bills are always a source of anxiety and worry for many people across the world. Maybe you are looking to save extra money for a holiday or for a new car, many people are looking to cut down on their gas and hot water bills significantly. There are various ways to do so, some which require some discipline and some which might initially cost more money but will save you money in the long run. Nobody likes to open their mail to a big gas and hot water bill, so it is better off for most if not all people to look for ways to reduce the amount they have to pay.

Here are some ways to reduce your gas and hot water bills.


Lower the temperature on your heater

By lowering the temperature on your heater, you ensure that anything that comes out will not have to be heated up to a high temperature first. This will reduce your gas and hot water bill, as you will not be using much to heat it up due to a lower temperature. By doing this, you can save a good amount on your gas hot water bill.


Don’t let the tap run

This may seem glaringly obvious; however, you’d be surprised at how many people let the tap run continuously whilst brushing their teeth or something other. This will definitely raise your gas and hot water bill, as you are continuously letting it run and it has to be heated up too. Anytime you are looking to brush your teeth or you are cooking, turn off the tap when it is not actively in use at that time.


Take shorter showers

man taking a shower

This is probably one you’ve heard, as it is a very common piece of advice given to those looking to reduce their gas and hot water bill. A long shower will use more than a bath will, due to your gas hot water system is continuously running, whereas a bath is filled up then stopped and used. Although, a big bath can use a lot as there is a lot of volumes to be filled up with. A bath is a nice luxury that you can sometimes enjoy, however you are better off just taking a short shower if you are looking to reduce the amount you use. It is up to your judgment as to whether or not you are using too much, and it is best to be frugal.


Fix any leaks you may have

A leaking tap may not seem like a huge issue; however, it definitely can be for your gas and hot water bill. Those droplets that come out of the tap will slowly add up and over the days it can become a significant amount on your gas and hot water bill. If you want to see how much your leaky tap could be costing you, you can find a drip calculator online to give you a final number.


Install a timer

Installing a timer to turn off electric heating at night or at times when you won’t need it is a good way to reduce your bill. By installing one of these, it can reduce the heating use in your household significantly, and forces you to be frugal about it and only use it at certain times.


These are some ways in which you can reduce your gas and hot water bill.

You may be doing so to save for a trip or a new car or even just to lower it, if you follow these tips you can be successful in doing so.