Vacations are your one-stop opportunity to participate in as many outdoor activities as possible. The United States in particular , is a country known to encourage both children and adults to participate in outdoor activities, not just to keep fit but also to promote the spirit of family and spending quality time. Here are some favorite outdoor activities in the USA:

  1. Zoo-

The zoo is an excellent outdoor activity in the USA, as you can enjoy the presence of all kinds of animals that you have never seen. It also depends on the zoo you visit as they may offer different activities or events that can make it extra fun. A day at the zoo can make a lot of memories for the family because of which this is quite a popular activity.

  1. Hiking-

Hiking is very popular among families in the USA as you can go out to the woods and seek new hike trails or you can hike a little walking path in your city. It is great because you can discover many things as you hike further into the wild. Sometimes you may sight rare birds and animals. Hiking may also lead you to natural springs and rivers allowing you to become one with nature.

  1. Kayaking/Canoeing-

The activity involves the use of a unique boat and paddles designed to make your way down a river. The best thing about canoeing is that you can go at your own pace and stop wherever you like to explore. You may also find different types of animals and can seek rough rivers if you are into adventure sports.

  1. Camping-

An adventurous person always packs a backpack while hiking or kayaking and canoeing to make multiple day trips. All that you will need is a tent and a location for camping. It can help you to know about setting up a fire to cook food and having a good experience. You can also use a gas stove if you do not want to set up a fire by yourself. So, camping is an activity whereby you do everything by yourself in the midst of nature.

  1. Theme Parks-

Everyone goes to a theme park to experience the jaw-dropping excitement. The rides present in these theme parks vary from spinning things to massive roller coasters. Theme parks also have a downside as they are a bit expensive and usually have long waiting lines. Theme parks are suitable for families with small kids.


  1. Skiing-

In skiing, you have a long skinny board called skis strapped to your feet. Skiing is a widely popular snow sport across the globe. You are provided with polls which help you pick up speed and steer. By skiing, you can go down a hill and learn tricks on how fast you can go. It is the best snow outdoor activity.